Ever dreamed of being on a renovation show?

Hi Forklift Fans – we’re just spreading the word about this! Please contact Fog Edge Media if you have any questions.


Fog Edge Media, a DC based production company, is seeking ‘dynamic duos’ and ‘charismatic families’ who are at the beginning stage or in the throes of a DIY home renovation project.  Candidates should be outgoing, enthusiastic and willing to document their remodel process.

Interested?  You’ll need to submit a short video (2-5 minutes) showing you and your renovation partner on camera briefly discussing your project, what plans you have and who will be doing what and why.  The video does not have to be polished or professional.

To submit, upload your video to your YouTube channel and email the link to casting@fogedgemedia.com with some information about yourselves. Please submit by Monday April 6th.

vintage film crew