Happy National Thrift Store Day!

Did you know that August 17th is National Thrift Store Day?

That means it’s a great day to thank you for all of your support!!

Your purchases, donations, and volunteer hours have really helped to lift up DC-area communities over the years.  Together, we’ve created 40 green jobs, provided free supplies to hundreds of nonprofits and neighbors in need, made repairs more affordable for nearby homeowners and small businesses, and reduced pollution and carbon emissions.

It feels really good when, through our Home Essentials Program, we’re able to replace a broken fridge for a senior who needs to keep her medicine cold.

It’s awesome when a tradesperson tells you that, thanks to the low cost of gently-used lighting and cabinets, they’ve been able to attract more clients and keep their crew employed even during tight times.We accept residential HVAC materials - compressed

It’s cool to pass a local park, knowing that a scout troop repaired it with a materials grant from our Community Building Blocks program.

painting picnic table compressed

When a homeowner breaks out a happy dance in the plumbing aisle, thrilled to find just the right part to repair a vintage sink, we smile too.

first friday dancing shot compressed

These moments happen all the time here at the warehouse – and you should feel proud for making them possible!  Reuse is easier on our wallets, it’s gentler on the planet – and it helps make our community stronger.

Happy Thrift Store Day, and thanks for being a Forklift Fan!