Sorry, Sold out: Old farm crates

2015 - 08 vintage farm crates

We have crates of crates!  Cool old fruit crates with the farm names stenciled on them.  Great for DIY projects and bookshelves!

crate shelf

From The Wedding of my Dreams shop on

They are $24 each.  Crates like these are hard to find, so come in soon for the best selection.

Now, if you can’t get here before they’re all snapped up – or if  the cost is a bit steep for your budget – remember that modern wine boxes are much more common.  We have a steady stream of wood wine boxes here at the ‘Lift, usually for $2 – $12 each, depending on size and age.  You can also sometimes persuade your local wine shop to sell them for few bucks.

wine crates

Find a ton of other wine crate ideas at


Orphan cabinet drawers can also be a nice cheap option.  We almost always have some here, usually priced at $2-$5 each.



You can get even more creative by adding images and stencils (you can follow the link below, but there is also an Image Transfer class coming up at Tanglewood Works next month!)

The blogger below even built her own containers out of old pallets, which are usually available at the Forklift for $1-$5 depending on condition.