Save 30% on Almost Everything this Weekend

Are you as excited as Forklift Fan Demetrius?

Are you as excited as this Forklift Fan?

DISCOUNTS THROUGHOUT THE WAREHOUSE…plus a Groupon for Tanglewood Works!

The weather is supposed to be nice this weekend, so it’s a good time to tackle upcycling or home improvement projects.  Luckily, it’s also the time of year when we need to clean out the Community Forklift warehouse – so you can save big on almost everything!

This Saturday, Sept. 19th & Sunday, Sept. 20th, take 30% off the blue and orange price tags on modern and vintage items.  Sale does not apply to lumber, items with missing or damaged price tags, select specialty items, Salvage Arts antiques, Amazon Recycled Paint, Treincarnation raw-edge lumber, reconditioned appliances from Alco Repair, or upcycled decor and gifts from Tanglewood Works. May not be combined with other sales.

If you need more color in your life, now is the time to experiment with painting – with this weekend’s discount, dining tables will be as low as $25!  Upcycled-Dining-Table-Tutorial-at-thebensonstreet.com_

If you have always wanted to do something crafty with wood window sashes, look for the ones with orange tags. During this sale, they’ll be as low as $8 each!

Use an old sash to set off artwork (from Walnut and Vine)

Use an old sash to set off artwork (from Walnut and Vine)

Or, maybe you just need to care of the basics.  If you’ve been meaning to patch a damaged floor, solid wood flooring will be as low as $1.40 a square foot! has a quick tutorial on patching wood floors. has a quick tutorial on patching wood floors.

Buy now to save 65% off classes at Tanglewood Works!

Did you know that Tanglewood Works offers really interesting, intensive classes on upcycling techniques?  Right now, you can get a big Groupon discount for some of their upcoming classes, so it’s a great chance to pick up a new skill.

BYOB Paint Image Courses - TW Groupon

Up to 65% Off BYOB Chalk Paint and Image Transfer for Furniture Courses at Tanglewood Works