November 2015 Sales: HALF OFF Lighting, and FREE “orphan” cabinets, doors, & drawers

50% off Lighting  

This month, take half off the orange and blue price tags on lights, shades, & bulbs.  We’ve got a ton of different lights, with a variety of periods and styles.  Sale includes a large variety of chandeliers, flush mounted lights, wall sconces, patio lights, lamps, and fluorescent fixtures!  

Sale does not include select specialty items, other light parts or electrical supplies, ceiling fans, items from our Salvage Arts consignment partner or Tanglewood Works, or items with missing or damaged price tags.

  light cloud 2015 - 11

Free “Orphan” Cabinets, Cabinet Doors, & Cabinet Drawers  

Giveaway includes kitchen cabinets with orange price tags of $15 or less, as well as “orphan” cabinet doors & drawers. Limit 3 cabinets per household, and 10 doors & drawers per household.  Great for upcycling projects!!!

Giveaway does not apply to other types of furniture, decor, or doors; select specialty items; hardware; bathroom or living room cabinetry; cabinet sets; items with missing or damaged price tags, or items from our consignment partners.  

Play Kitchen compressed by Elana Bailes

Check out this adorable play kitchen, created by Forklift Fan Elana Bailes! (She visited our warehouse during a flash sale, and picked up two salvaged cabinets and a bathroom faucet for about $13 total)

Drawers as wall storage, featured on Douangphila Blog

Drawers as wall storage, featured on Douangphila Blog

cabinet door bench 2013 - 04 dosmallthingswithlove dot com

Bench featured on

Flash Sales

We often have special 1-day and 2-day sales throughout the month.  We usually announce them  online the night before, so check our Facebook page or Twitter feed often!


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