Needed: your appliances – or your advice!

Dear Forklift Fans –

Do you know that we help neighbors in need through our Home Essentials Program (HELP)?  In addition to offering materials at 40% – 90% below retail in our thrift store, we give free home essentials and appliances to folks who qualify.

It’s such a great feeling when we can make a difference!  For example, a retiree on a fixed income might experience a crisis when her fridge breaks. She can’t save up for a new one because now she has to buy ice at the corner store every day to keep her food from spoiling.  With the gift of a gently-used, working fridge, she can take care of herself again.  kids-at-school clean clothes

Or, a teacher might tell us that a student is picked on by other kids because he wears dirty clothes over and over. His family members are working several jobs to pay for rent, medical bills, and food, meaning there is no time or money left for the laundromat.  A donated washing machine and dryer in decent shape can help the child avoid bullying.  

 Since 2012, Community Forklift has provided $85,360  of materials to 2,021 people in 622 households.  We’re thrilled that our HELP program has been such a success!  

dog-waiting-by phoneAs more social workers, community members, and nonprofits have learned about us, they’ve been sending more neighbors in need our way, which is fantastic!  But now we have a new problem:  Our demand has increased, but our supply is still the same – we aren’t getting any more appliance donations than before.  

Unfortunately, for the first time, we’ve had to tell folks that it might be months until we can help them.

It’s awful telling someone, “Just wait for our call!” when they can’t keep their medicine cold or cook dinner for their family.

We have an extremely long wait list for stoves, fridges, wash machines, water heaters, small microwaves, & space heaters.


We need your ideas.  

Do you know anyone who is renovating a kitchen?  How about a property manager responsible for a condo or apartment building, or a contractor renovating a hotel?  Perhaps you have a friend at an appliance shop or a department store, and they currently haul their customers’ old appliances to the dump.  They can receive a tax deduction for donating working items to us instead. We’d be so grateful if you’d put us in touch – please call our Donations team at (301) 832-0781 or email your ideas to us at Donation(at)CommunityForklift(dot)org.

We need working appliances.

Or maybe YOU have a spare fridge in the basement and you rarely use it.  Or you just moved in with a roommate and now you have two microwaves.  Please visit our donations page if you have appliances in good working order to contribute!  We do offer a free pickup service for larger donations (please review our guidelines about what we can and can’t accept).  

Thanks so much!

The Forklifters