Come pick up your DIY supplies before the snow hits!

Friday Jan. 22nd, 10:00 am:  Knowing you’re about to get snowed in can be a bit like buying a Powerball ticket:  you start dreaming of all the opportunities ahead.

With the whole region shutting down in anticipation of the blizzard, you’re going to have some glorious free time on your hands!  And if you’re like a lot of Forklift Fans, you’re probably thinking of all the little improvements around the house that you’d like to finish, or the fun upcycling projects you’ve been meaning to get to.

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Well, Community Forklift IS open this morning, so come on over and pick up what you need before the storm kicks in!  We have some great specials too, including many different styles of chairs for just $1 each, and 50% off windows and sashes  with orange tags.

Keep in mind that we will close the warehouse once the snow and wind get fierce.  So if it’s late in the day, please call us at 301-985-5180 before you head over (we will be updating our voicemail regularly with our status).


making a phone call