We Are OPEN!

That’s right folks! We’ve dug our way out and have opened up for business. Hot coffee and cocoa is on, and the snow is slowly melting away. Come on by the warehouse to stretch your legs and shake off that cabin fever!

We plan to stay open till 6pm, as usual, unless it seems like the roads will get very bad as the sun goes down. If you plan on skating by this evening, please give us a call before heading over to make sure we’re still open. Just call 301-985-5180, and we’ll keep the voicemail updated with our status.



Please keep in mind, we have asked our staff to make safe decisions for themselves and many folks have chosen to stay close to home a little while longer. Please be patient with our reduced staff for the next few days as we try to keep up with phone calls, donations, and sales. We would rather everyone stay safe, and that might mean we have a few less folks around until everything is back to normal.