Upcycling an Old Entertainment Armoire

We frequently receive donations of old entertainment cabinets and armoires sized for older cathode ray TVs. While these cabinets seem like dinosaurs, there are LOTS of upcycling options for them. Here are a few of our favorites:

You can make a cute home office:


AA office armoire

From A Diamond in the Stuff

AA office cute

from Better Homes and Gardens

AA office

from Better Homes and Gardens

Playroom Storage:

AA playroom storage

From Little Bit of Paint

AA playroom

From Better Homes and Gardens

Crafty storage:

AA potting shed

A gardening center from Better Homes and Gardens

AA baking center

A baking center from Potentially Beautiful

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A sewing center from Kenneth Wingard

AA closet

Extra closet storage from Better Homes and Gardens

AA linen closet

A linen closet from Better Homes and Gardens

AA changing table

A baby changing station from Everbrook

AA vanity

A vanity center from DIY Design Fanatic

AA laundry cabinet

A laundry center from Better Homes and Gardens


AA bar cabinet

A bar cabinet from Better Homes and Gardens