Moving towards Zero Waste – meeting this Thurs. May 26th

Prince George’s County is at an important crossroads for managing our resources and solid waste. Decisions made in the coming year may determine whether the County truly pursues zero waste and sustainability…. or not.

Zero Waste Prince George’s, Community Research, and College Park’s Committee for a Better Environment invite you to a discussion on

Recent Developments Related to Prince George’s County’s Waste Management

Thursday, May 26th

7pm – 9pm (doors open at 6:30pm)

College Park City Hall, Council Chambers, 4500 Knox Road

Passes available for free parking

This meeting will include presentations and discussions on three major developments and their potential impacts on zero waste and sustainability:

Results from Prince George’s County’s first Waste Composition Analysis

  • Although the County diverts some waste to recycling, many resources from county residents, businesses, and institutions end up at Brown Station landfill. What recoverable resources are we wasting?
  • At what cost to the environment and our local economy?
  • What would those discarded resources be worth in the open market?
  • How can the results from the waste composition analysis inform zero waste planning in the County?

A first look at the Prince George’s County’s Draft Zero Waste Strategic Plan

  • Highlights of the Plan: What’s in it and what’s not?
  • How have other jurisdictions approached zero waste planning?
  • Next steps in advocacy.

County agencies are seeking proposals for a large “waste processing and alternative energy” facility at Western Branch.

  • What is driving this initiative and what is the timeline?
  • Could this initiative undermine zero waste and sustainability?
  • Which companies has the County selected to offer proposals and what technologies might be in the mix?
  • Are county agencies considering pursuing large-scale incineration, here or elsewhere?
  • What actions can concerned activists take to steer the County away from incineration and toward zero waste?