Free Friday at the Forklift

Free Friday Stickers

Hi Forklift Fans – our pricing team has sprinkled neon “FREE” stickers throughout the warehouse again.

This Friday, the free items include:  

* coffee table (needs some love)

* Ironrite ironing machine (ready for repurposing)

* bidet (or backyard planter)

* double sink vanity top (double your pleasure!)

* wood medicine cabinet (awaiting transformation into jewelry display)

* granite counter pieces (collect ’em all!)

Free Friday bookshelves compressed

If you happen to run a library or bookstore (or your book collection is a little out of hand), we’ve got a bunch of sturdy shelves for ZERO dollars.  Could also be useful in a garage or attic.

Just add vessel sink

Add a square vessel sink, and you’ve got a cool vanity top for a bathroom.


Free Friday granite scraps

Great for doing something creative in your garden.


In addition,

We’ve got some 50% off sales that last all month long.  Get all the details on our blog!

2016 - 08 August Sales Billboard