Free Workshop on Saturday

Thinking Outside the (Window) Box

1pm – 3pm, Sat. August 27th

Turning Old Windows Into Nifty New Things…

Plus, How To Replace a Broken Pane

Windows and  sashes are half off this month, so it’s a great time to get creative.  Join Ryan Quinter in Community Forklift’s classroom to collaborate on ideas and get inspiration to repurpose an old window into your next project. The workshop will also cover how to replace a broken window pane and add glazing.

Ryan has been using materials found at Community Forklift for over five years, and is now in his third year of teaching workshops for us. Learning the ins and outs of woodworking from his father at an early age, Ryan has continued to hone his woodworking skills over the years. He specializes in repurposing materials and seeing the value in discarded materials.

The workshop is free to attend, but advance registration guarantees you a seat. Click the picture below to save your space:


Turn your old window into a new masterpiece

Turn your old window into a new masterpiece