Community Forklift is on HGTV TONIGHT!!!!

Last winter, a local attorney and her design-minded friend were chosen to appear on House Hunters. They persuaded the production crew to follow her as she shopped and donated at Community Forklift.  So many home improvement shows focus only on trashing the old and installing new materials, so we were thrilled that this episode will feature a smart homeowner incorporating reuse into her project!!  We can’t wait to see how it all turned out.


Airing on HGTV tonight,

Monday Oct. 3rd at 10pm Eastern time

House Hunters Season 116, Episode 9

Attorney Seeks Cat-Friendly Home in Prince George’s County, MD

An attorney is ready to buy her first place, and she’d like it to have a bay window for her cat, Sir Galahad. Working with a relatively low $260,000 budget for the pricey D.C. area, she’s trying to see just how far her money will stretch.