Please help us win Best Green Business of 2017

Dear Forklift Fans – We’re in the running for “Best Green Business” in the City Paper’s 2017 contest!  If we win, it means valuable free publicity for our nonprofit program!  City Paper readers have awarded a “Best of DC” title to us every year since 2010.  Each year when the winners are announced in the paper, the phones start ringing because a ton of new people find out about us.  So please help us win it again!


As more homeowners & contractors learn about us, 

more of them will donate, more materials will be kept out of the landfill, more folks can afford repairs, and we’ll be able to create more green jobs.  And of course…

you’ll find more fun stuff here in the store!

We’re so grateful for your support!  The contest ends on March 5th, and we’ll find out in April if we win.
Thanks very much,
The Forklifters