Flooring Flash Sale


We’re going to FLOOR you with our prices!

(heh heh heh… sorry, couldn’t resist)


This Wednesday and Thursday,

February 22 & 23, 2017

Hardwood flooring is 50% off

This sale includes oak and other hardwood flooring, as well as hardwood parquet and engineered flooring. Sale does NOT include pine flooring, vinyl or other types of flooring, trim, lumber, paneling, beadboard, items from our consignment partners; select specialty materials, or flooring with missing or damaged price tags.


Carpet remnants are 50% off

We recently got a large donation of overstock carpet remnants, so we have a lot of rolls to choose from right now!  (This sale does not include bound rugs, area rugs, or Oriental rugs; rolls of fabric, vinyl, or linoleum; carpet tiles; items from our consignment partners; select specialty materials, or items with missing or damaged price tags.)

Don’t forget to vote!

If you’re a Forklift Fan, please take a few seconds to vote for us in the City Paper’s Best of 2017 contest.  We’re hoping to win Best Green Business.  If we win, it means more folks will learn about us, more contractors and homeowners will donate, we can create more green jobs,… and you’ll find more great stuff here in the warehouse!