What’s waiting for you this week at the ‘Lift…

As always, we’ve got a lot of fun stuff here in the warehouse.  Here are a few examples:

Marble-top tables from Pizzeria Paradiso in Georgetown.  We have three sizes – 2’x4′ ($95), 4’x4′ ($105), and 4’x6′ ($125).

Do you know any couples who met there?  This would make an awesome gift!

We’ve received stacks and stacks of reclaimed plywood, too.  These 4’x8′ Sheets range from $6-8, depending on the thickness.  It’s going fast though, so hurry over.

Our truck team also picked up some beautiful bathroom vanities with marble counter tops this week.

Double sink vanity – $350

White/cream vanity – $225

Black/brown vanity – $295

And for all you Upcyclers out there, we’ve got a potential fixer-upper with your name on it! A beautiful old piano with ivory keys was donated to us. Due to the cruel and unsustainable nature of ivory trade, we removed the keys and sent them to U.S. Fish and Wildlife service, which has set up a repository to get all ivory out of circulation.

What we’re left with is a key-less piano which, according to Pinterest, can be turned into a desk, a bar, a sideboard, and much more.  If you are brave enough to  tackle this upcycling project, make sure to share your pictures with us!

A nice little desk from Cory’s Wood Creations on Facebook.  Note the shelf above, made from the keyboard cover!

Gorgeous bar from TheUrbanUpcyclers on Etsy