Free Workshop this Saturday!

Introduction to Permaculture
May 27, 2017

Join Community Forklift’s own Jane Matt as she teaches the basics of Permaculture and food forest design. She’ll discuss techniques and design principles which can be used for all types of landscapes: large and small; urban and rural.

On her way to construct a rooftop garden.

Through this workshop, Jane hopes to inspire participants to do further research and create their own “yardens” and food forests. She’ll also help guide attendees toward viewing the world with Permaculture in mind, and recognizing how everything is interconnected, and how humans play a large role in sustainability, while at the same time growing a lot of our own food and harvesting rainwater to recharge our aquifers and help our watershed. Attendees will learn some of the basic skills and techniques needed to create a sustainable habitat for both humans and wildlife in their own unique backyards or larger properties.

The workshop is free to attend, but advance registration guarantees you a seat.  Click here to reserve your spot!

A New York citizen working in his Victory Garden, 1943