Weekend Sale: Power & Hand Tools!

Tool Sale

40% off  Modern & Vintage Tools

Saturday & Sunday, June 17th & 18th, 2017

This sale includes blue-tag and orange-tag tools, including modern and vintage tools.

Flash sale does NOT include appliances; HVAC, plumbing, hardware, or electrical parts; select specialty items; items with missing or damaged price tags; items sold online; or items from our consignment partners (Tanglewood Works, Treincarnation, Salvage Arts, Alco Appliances and Amazon Paint). May not be combined with other sales.

Make sure to keep your receipt in case your power tool is not working properly!  Although most items in our warehouse are sold as-is,  you may return power tools within 3 weeks of purchase for any reason if you have your receipt.

Please Note:  Some exclusions apply.  Flash sales and freebies do not include select specialty items, consignment items, or items sold online. Items with missing or damaged tags will not be sold.


Need a Father’s Day present?  

While you’re here shopping for tools, pick up a present for dad, too.  We’ve got gift cards,

Forklift t-shirts,

and nifty items for guys who like antiques (like this vintage shaving kit!)