A great time to try an upcycling project

Do you know about the midweek cabinet sale?  Even if you don’t need a new kitchen, cabinets are great for upcycling projects!

Here is one to inspire you, from MountainModernLife.com.  Can you believe this cool sideboard was built from cheap laminate cabinets?

Or, pick up a few cabinets to create a play kitchen for your kid.  The folks at A Crafty Wife painted this white and yellow, but leaving the natural wood tone would have looked pretty great too.


Remember, doors and radiators are on sale all month long…

You can save on doors and radiators throughout August.  Here are a few upcycling projects to consider:

Our friend Mark is a busy guy – he runs a remodeling company, and often volunteers here at the Forklift to teach free workshops.  But somehow, he also finds time to turn old doors into build beautiful, sturdy bookshelves and other cool furniture.

We often have folks come by hoping to find a cool vintage piece to bring some character to their modern apartment or home.  Once, a Forklift Fan told us he was sad that all the radiators had been pulled out of his rowhouse by a previous owner, and he wanted to put some back by creating a desk.  He never did send us a photo, but here’s what I imagine he might have done:

We couldn’t find the original source for this photo, but This Old House has some useful info about radiators, including instructions for creating a hallway console table, and securing it so it won’t tip over.