Help us fight to keep winter cold!

Community Forklift is taking ‘The Plunge!’

All of our work doesn’t just happen in the warehouse! Every January, we join the Chesapeake Climate Action Network (CCAN) for their Polar Bear Plunge down at National Harbor. It is CCAN’s biggest fundraising event, powering victories to move our region off of fossil fuels and to clean energy. This is our fifth year proving our commitment to fighting climate change by running into the icy Potomac River at National Harbor with activists from across the region. It’s cold, it’s wet, and it’s a GREAT TIME!

Help keep winter cold!

Our 2016 Forklift Freezers

Here’s how:

DONATE! CCAN asks plungers to each set a goal to raise $350 or more. Why 350? 350ppm is the level of carbon scientists say we must return to in order to keep winter cold. The Forklift Freezers have set themselves a lofty team goal of raising over $1,000 this year (and if we make it, the Forklift receives part of the proceeds!).

If you’d like to help us reach this goal and support our icy recklessness, please donate to one of the Forklift Freezers on our team’s Polar Bear Plunge page:

Right now, Ruthie is in the lead, but there are still several weeks left for others to catch up.  Donate to your favorite Forklifter’s page so they’ll earn bragging rights as the top fundraiser this year!

JOIN THE TEAM! We’re always looking for more fools…err, Salvage Superheroes… to plunge along with us! If you’d like to be a Forklift Freezer, all you have to do is sign up and join our team online. Then start fundraising! If you join the team, please email Events(at) so that we can include you in our plans and make sure you get all of the insider details.

The 2017 team in action!

CHEER US ON! We love having friends & family on shore cheering for us – plus, it’s nice to have folks ready with a dry towel and a warm cup of coffee! If you’d like to join our Cheer Squad, please email us at Events(at) so we know you’re coming.

WHEN: Saturday, January 27, 2017 at 11am (check-in for Plungers opens at 10)
WHERE: National Plaza, National Harbor, MD
CCAN’s Polar Bear Plunge website:
Forklift Freezers Team page:


Forklifter Josh Bombeck at the 2014 Plunge.  He was a mentor, a good friend, and a skilled craftsman, and he was a strong advocate for reusing historic materials, helping the community, and protecting the environment. Josh loved us and we loved him.  We are fundraising and plunging in his memory.