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We had a very distinguished guest stop by last week!  We were thrilled to host Congressman Anthony Brown, U.S. representative for Maryland’s District 4.  He took a tour of the warehouse to learn about the many aspects of our work.

Congressman Brown also sat down with some of our employees to discuss their experiences as returning citizens and their time at the Forklift.  He is passionate about jobs creation, and our work to provide returning citizens with a second chance at a career caught his attention.

Community Forklift not only recaptures the values of materials, they recapture the value of people.
-Rep. Anthony Brown

Here at Forklift, we don’t discriminate based on history, and some of our most successful employees have come to us through partners and programs that place workers with barriers to employment.

We work hard to support and develop all of our staff, and try to provide everyone with opportunities to grow. All employees at Community Forklift earn above minimum wage, have paid leave and health benefits, and attend regular training sessions on a range of topics, from wood species identification to warehouse safety, historic design styles, and environmental justice issues.

Community Forklift turns the construction waste stream into a resource stream for communities in the DC region – by diverting landfill waste, preserving historical materials, providing low-cost building supplies, and creating green jobs. Every dollar you spend in our warehouse helps us lift up local communities through reuse.

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