Happy National Thrift Store Day

This Friday, August 17th, is National Thrift Store Day, which means it’s a great day to head to your favorite thrift store!

It’s also a great day for us to thank you for all of your support! Your purchases, donations, and volunteer hours have really helped to lift up DC-area communities over the years. Every dollar you spend in our warehouse helps us lift up local communities through reuse. Together, we’ve created 40 green jobs, provided free supplies to hundreds of nonprofits and neighbors in need, made repairs more affordable for nearby homeowners and small businesses, and reduced pollution and carbon emissions.

For another (free!) way to celebrate thrifting and reuse, stop by Optoro’s Summer Swap Shop.

Optoro is an organization on a mission to make retail more sustainable by eliminating waste from returns and excess inventory. They envision a future in which products have longer life cycles.

Their event (on Friday, August 17th from 2-6pm) will bring together people from the DC community to trade clothing, shoes, and accessories. You’ll also find a textile recycling table and a clothing and accessory repair table. All are welcome. Entry is free and the event is dog, kid, and bike-friendly. For full details and free registration, visit the event page.