Help us win best second-hand store!

Hi Forklift Fans–

We’ve been nominated for ‘Best Place to Buy Second-hand Stuff‘ in Best of Gay DC Reader’s Choice Awards, and we’re in the finals! Thanks to our partners at the Capital Tennis Association, a nonprofit tennis organization in the DC area, we have a chance to win free publicity for our organization!


Your vote will help us spread the word about our organization, and a ton of new people will find out about us. As more homeowners and contractors learn about us, more of them will donate, more materials will be kept out of the landfill, more folks can afford repairs, and you’ll find even more amazing stuff here in the store! The more that folks shop here and join the ranks of Forklift Fans, the more money and resources will stay embedded in the local economy, creating green jobs and supporting our free educational workshops and community giving programs.

To vote for us, click button below. Once you are on the webpage, scroll down to the “COMMUNITY” section, look for “Best Place to Buy Second-Hand Stuff” and select Community Forklift. You have until September 26th to cast your vote, but we’ll need your votes every day to win, so please help the Lift’ out!


 Once you vote, please share our Facebook post and ask your friends to vote too!

Please note: Only one vote per each valid email address per day will be accepted.