Does your nonprofit need silent auction prizes?

Through our Community Building Blocks (CBB) Program, Community Forklift provides free building materials to local nonprofits, schools, community gardens, and other civic projects. But did you know that we also give out gift certificates?

If your nonprofit is hosting a fundraising gala, raffle, or silent auction, Community Forklift may be able to provide gift certificates you can use as prizes.  You just need to fill out our online application in advance, and our Community Giving Coordinator will get in touch.

We may also be able to help you with decorative pieces for the big event!

Back in 2016, our long-time partners at Joe’s Movement Emporium came to Forklift in hopes of finding a jaw-dropping center piece for their 2016 Annual Gala; “Rhythm of the Night.” They were in luck, because they found just the piece for the evening: a large brass chandelier.

Back at Joe’s, staff added even more drama to the fixture by attaching upcycled flowers and hanging it from the ceiling with tiny flameless tea lights. As Neena Narayanan, Joe’s Marketing Director, enthused:

“Joe’s Annual Gala has been made more beautiful by borrowed accents from Community Forklift!”

Thanks to Joe’s Movement Emporium for sharing their story, and we hope it inspires you to give new life to old materials this holiday season.  If we can help your nonprofit, please feel free to apply to our CBB program!