Lifting up communities: help for veterans

Did you know that when you donate to Community Forklift, you’re helping us serve local veterans?

You may remember our article on the art therapy for veterans at the DC Medical Center, but we also work with nonprofits and government programs that help with housing.  One such program helps homeless veterans and their families to afford decent, safe, and sanitary housing through the distribution of housing vouchers.

Once a person is approved for a voucher, they still need to furnish their new home.  Their case managers often encourage them to apply to our Home Essentials Program to receive free furniture, appliances, and repair supplies.  Here are a few recent examples:


Ms. W., a 55 year-old veteran, applied to our program with help from her social worker at the HUD/VASH program. Ms. W. needed several furniture pieces for her apartment. She used her store credit to select a beautiful glass table with four chairs, and a comfortable love seat.


Mr. W, a 64 year-old veteran, received a GE stainless-steel microwave earlier this year.  He told us,

Thank you for the microwave. Mine stopped working before Christmas, and I didn’t have the money to replace it. I had a stroke several years ago, and have paralysis on my right hand, so it’s easier for me to use the microwave for most things, rather than the stove. I appreciate this very much.”

His case manager added, “I checked with him this morning, and it is working perfectly, and as a bonus, looks great in his kitchen. He is very appreciative of Community Forklift, as am I.”


Mr. B, a 43 year-old veteran, and his wife moved into a new apartment and needed a couple of items to “make our apartment look like home.” They found a cheerful red couch, two chairs, and a mini-fridge.


Even small donations make a big difference

The donors who gave these items to the Forklift probably thought they were just doing a small good deed… but clean furniture and working appliances can make a real difference for the comfort and health of a veteran.  (For example, a mini fridge means that someone with mobility issues can keep medicine and snacks right by their bed).

Thanks to all of you who have supported our Home Essentials program through your donations.

Our veterans and their families have already served us;

it’s our honor to serve them in return.