Often, the greenest material is the one that already exists

Happy Earth Day, Forklift Fans

Thank you for your commitment to reuse!

It’s easy to feel hopeless when issues of climate change, pollution, and injustice seem overwhelming. But here at Community Forklift, we see people like you saving the world every day!

By donating, shopping, and supporting Community Forklift over the last 13 years, you’ve helped us keep more than $30 million of building materials and furnishings from going to the landfill or incinerator.

Instead of going to waste, useful materials have found new homes!

It causes so much environmental harm to extract, manufacture, and transport new products. That is why the greenest materials are often the ones that already exist… like the salvaged supplies in our warehouse!

By reclaiming useful items, you’ve helped us reduce demand for new products. This means less natural resources had to be harvested, mined, and shipped around the globe.

Instead of a vanity top that came on all the way from Brazil on a big ship, we’ve got bathroom counters that came from Bethesda on a pickup truck! That requires a LOT less fossil fuel, so the reclaimed granite has a much smaller “carbon footprint.”

By spreading the word about our nonprofit, you’ve helped us grow. This has allowed us to expand our Community Building Blocks program, which provides free materials to local nonprofits – including environmental education programs!

Our free supplies have been used to build educational farms and community gardens all over the DC region – like Wangari Gardens, pictured above.

Not only that, but you’ve helped us create 50 good green jobs for local residents, AND workforce training opportunities for many more!

Your donations and purchases have also made it possible for us to educate the public about reuse and repair. Each year we exhibit at dozens of community events, and lead workshops to help people live more sustainably. We have also created a list of reuse resources to make it easier for people to find new homes for old materials.

So this Earth Day, you should feel good about all we’ve accomplished together!

In the coming months, we hope you’ll keep spreading the word about the resources offered by Community Forklift – and if you know someone who is renovating or decluttering, please tell them we have a free pickup service for donations! Thank you so much.