Christmas in April 2019

We’re excited to share that our partner, Christmas in April of Prince George’s County, repaired 80 homes with the help of 3,200 volunteers this past April – making it its 31st consecutive year of successfully helping neighbors in need!

This past April, volunteers all over Prince George’s County did their part by revamping homes.

Christmas in April is a volunteer organization that does FREE repairs for low-income and/or physically challenged senior citizens living in Prince George’s County. Every year, volunteers get together on the last Saturday in April to partake in a one-day repair effort. These repairs help individuals live independently in their homes and are essential to our county because they ultimately contribute to preserving and revitalizing communities.

For the past 31 years, Christmas in April has repaired 2,744 homes with the help of over 93,900 volunteers. An estimated $49.7 million worth of free labor has gone toward serving our friends, family, and neighbors in Prince George’s county.

Community Forklift has been a proud partner of Christmas in April since 2011. Through our Community Building Blocks program, we’ve been able to offer their organization free appliances, building materials, hardware, and other supplies for their community projects and homes.

Learn more about their efforts and successes on their website. And remember, every time you shop or donate to Community Forklift, you’re partnering with us in our work to support our local community, revitalize our neighborhoods, care for the environment, and champion amazing projects like Christmas in April!