Treincarnation’s ‘live edge’ lumber

Our partners at Treincarnation provide sustainably-harvested, rough-planed specialty lumber — and it’s available here at Community Forklift! This local company works to bring a second beautiful life to trees felled by storms or removed to make way for development. Instead of chipping them into mulch, Treincarnation mills these hardwoods into ‘live edge’ lumber, which is stacked and air-dried for years to bring out the best qualities in the wood.

Species include pin oak, cherry, maple, walnut, sycamore, elm, and more. We have slabs of all sizes perfect for everything from cutting boards and shelves to gorgeous bars and dining tables. Stop in and see what’s here for your next project!


Every time you donate or shop at Community Forklift, you’re helping us lift up local communities through reuse.  We turn the construction waste stream into a resource stream for communities in the DC region – by keeping perfectly good items out of the landfill, preserving historical materials, providing low-cost building supplies, and creating local green jobs.