ABW Appliances hosted their 5th annual cookie bake-off

Community Forklift contributor ABW Appliances hosted their 5th annual Kelly’s Cookie Challenge for Charity

ABW Appliances was founded in 1968 and has always appreciated the support of our local community and aims to give back as much as possible with fun and productive charity events like Kelly’s Cookie Challenge, Chopped for Charity, and more.

The Annual Kelly’s Cookie Challenge began in 2012 when Silver Spring Showroom Manager Kelly Tinsay thought up a seasonal way to use all of the showroom’s live appliances to raise money for charity while giving to the community that has so consistently supported ABW.

Community Forklift was honored to be one of the 12 teams competing to win this year’s Kelly’s Cookie Challenge.  The charity cookie bake-off raised a total of $14,215 for charities. Of that, $8,015 went to the Ulman House for winning the bake-off and the rest was evenly donated to each of the participating charities, including Community Forklift! Thank you, ABW!

It was a wonderful evening of community goodwill, a silent auction, gourmet treats, beer, wine, and of course COOKIES!  We look forward to sending some bakers ABW’s way for the 6th annual Kelly’s Cookie challenge!

Visit ABWappliances.com to learn more about this local independent community-minded business.

Thank you for your good works, ABW!