Donate a Vehicle

Community Forklift takes donations of building materials, but did you know we now take vehicle donations? Not just that old beater in the back yard, but ANY type of vehicle!*
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or Call (866) 829-2918.
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Commuter-Type Vehicle: Car, Truck, SUV, Minivan, or Motorcycle
Recreational Vehicle: Motorhome or Camper
Watercraft: Motorboat, Sailboat, Fishing Boat, Houseboat, Jet Ski, or Pontoon Boat
Specialty Vehicle: Snowmobile, ATV, Riding-Lawn Mower, Motorized Wheelchair, Golf Cart, Forklift, or Tractor
Company Fleet Vehicle: Bus, Van, Box Truck, Learjet, or Ambulance
Uber-Special Vehicle: Spacecraft, Dirigible, Battleship, UFO, Cruise ship, or Submarine!
Doug coaxing 'Leaky' into another day's work.

Doug cajoling ‘Leaky’ into another day of work.
Donating your vehicle to Community Forklift is a green choice that supports our daily reuse operation and turns that old beater into a reusable resource!

Leaky and Stumpy, our two OLD forklifts that are ready to retire, just can’t do it all. They have been working in our two warehouses since the beginning. Stumpy just had open-heart surgery and is in dire need of post-surgical spa treatments.

We keep hoping someone will donate a working forklift… (I know, right? You are thinking it too! The irony of it all! How is it that we do not have a state-of-the-art forklift at COMMUNITY FORKLIFT? It is indeed a sad story.)

Our dream forklift would have a beeping reverse, a flashing light spinning at the top, pneumatic tires that can go off-road in our courtyards, and actual brakes. Yup, driving our forklift around here is a special kind of job.

Vehicle donations are a natural fit. The proceeds from the sale of your vehicle benefit Community Forklift, and if we find a working forklift among you, we will give you naming rights.

Maybe Leaky and Stumpy could finally retire.

(Note — Vehicles can be in running or non-running condition. We cannot accept every single vehicle. In order to be accepted, a vehicle must be worth more than the cost of the tow – so that we are able to generate proceeds for our organization.)

Donate online or call (866) 829-2918.