Greater Goods

Be a part of the Greater Goods

Welcome to our Greater Goods campaign! For the rest of 2021, we will be highlighting both the people and materials who make our local community and environment GREATER. We salvage and redistribute materials in our area so that they aren’t added to our overburdened waste stream and instead, they’re given for free to our neighbors in need, chosen for reuse as a DIY project, or simply sold at affordable prices to those who need them.

September: Doors
Doors are symbols of welcome, protection, and opportunity — all things that Community Forklift stands for. A 72-year-old Prince George’s County resident needed building supplies to fix up his home. Community Forklift provided him with free doors and other supplies to make needed repairs.

October: Lighting
We have a LOT of cool lights: floor lamps, crystal chandeliers, sconces, lanterns, and more! In 2020, we diverted 3,819 lights from the landfill — about enough to install 42 in each of WMATA’s 91 metro stations!

November: Furniture
From antique dining room sideboards to modern coffee tables and dining sets, our reuse warehouse redistributes a lot of salvaged furniture. Solid wood furniture is built to last and more environmentally friendly than fast furniture, so choose to reuse!

December: Appliances
Did you know that 60% of all electronic waste comes from appliances? When you donate a gently used fridge, washer, or stove to Community Forklift, you’re ensuring that your goods get a new life instead of ending their story in a landfill. Reuse is one of the most important tools we have to conserve natural resources, avoid pollution, and reduce pressure on landfills.

Every single day during COVID-19, we’ve kept our doors open to the public. As an essential business, we work hard to lift our community by making home repairs and home goods affordable, creating good green jobs, and reducing waste. Please join our campaign and help us continue providing Greater Goods to our communities for a long time to come. Donate below and thank you for your support!