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Community Forklift (and our CEO Nancy J. Meyer) recently won eBay’s 2017 Charitable Business Award. Many of you told us you voted every day – we are so grateful! As the winner of the Charitable Business Award, we’ve received $5,000, valuable assistance with improving our eBay shop and a great professional video.   Not only that, but…

Our win attracted a lot of reporters!

If you follow the Forklift on social media, you may have already seen the fantastic articles in the Washington Post and the Hyattsville Life & Times… but I bet you didn’t know that we were also in the Chicago Daily Herald and the Napa Valley Register!

Mariam D’Eustachio, our Director of Administration, was interviewed on eBay Radio, and television reporters learned about us from the eBay win too.

Arash Arabadi did a piece for Voice of America.  In his segment, you’ll see donations staffers Chris and Nordaine and our intrepid leader Nancy, as well as several of our partners:  Think Make Build (donors of materials), deconstruction workers from Brick and Board, and the Youth Entrepreneur Institute.

Tina Whitlow explained how her nonprofit received free materials through our Community Building Blocks program.

Because Voice of America airs around the world as well as the U.S., the story will be translated into multiple languages.  Check out the Urdu version here – people are tweeting about us in Pakistan right now!

Maryland Public Television reporter Nancy Yamada Zarroli also came to visit.  As always, our vintage plumbing guy Matt Menke proved to be a wry comedian.  The piece just aired on Sept. 28th on the Your Money & Business show.

Preservation MD interviewed our Outreach Director, Ruthie Mundell, for their  September PreserveCast podcast, focusing on the ethics of reuse.

We’ve also had some love from the blogosphere.  Roshani Kothari is a green realtor who profiled us on Green Living DC in April, then mentioned us in a September article about a green renovation.  Both stories were shared on Petworth News, a very active community blog.

Route One Fun has also been an amazing supporter of our events this year, including us in a number of their Weekend Guides, and even giving us the spotlight in July to discuss our Forklift First Friday series.

We are so thankful to these reporters – and to all of YOU who spread the word about Community Forklift. Publicity like this will help us continue to grow, create more green jobs, and make more resources available to local communities!


For media inquiries, please contact Outreach Director Ruthie Mundell at Ruthie(at)CommunityForklift(dot)org.


Hyattsville Life & Times – Secondhand News: Hyattsville Loves the Classic Black-and-White Bathroom – June 18, 2016

Leaders in Energy – Entrepreneurial Solutions for Sustainable Facilities in the Circular Economy – June 11, 2016

DCist – The Best Thrift And Consignment Stores In The D.C. Area – February 12, 2016


Green Is Good Radio with John Shegerian – Reuse and Closing the Loop with Community Forklift’s Aderyn Bright – August 28, 2015

Prince George’s Gazette by Kirsten Petersen – Garden Party Sows Seeds for Reuse in Edmonston – March 31, 2015

Tricia Sawyer, 45, of Mount Rainier said she started off her birthday March 28 with a party and left with a rake, a tiller and a trowel — presents she bought for her garden. The event was not Sawyer’s own party, but rather Community Forklift’s Garden Party, an annual “rebirth” for the Edmonston nonprofit, which aims to turn discarded furnishings into home improvement resources for local communities…

(Partner Blog) Brainfood Blog – Signs of Spring from the Brainfood Youth Garden by Carina Gervacio – March 27, 2015

The Catholic University of America – With Removal of Trailers, Architecture Course Reconsiders Waste – March 26, 2015

(Partner Blog) Campbell & Ferrara – Join us today from 10AM-4PM to donate used garden supplies, landscaping equipment and patio furniture to Community Forklift. All donations are tax-deductible – March 14, 2015

(Gardening Blog) Capitol Hill Garden Club by Joseph Purdy – Community Forklift Accepting Donations of Garden Items – March 9, 2015

(Gardening Blog) Kikiverde Handmade by Kristen Carrasco – Weekend Update – March 9, 2015

(Partner Blog) Revolutionary Gardens by David Marciniak – What the Heck is a Community Forklift? Oh, It’s Awesome! – March 6, 2015

(Gardening Blog) PegPlant – Growing veggies, herbs, and fruits in Northern Virginia by Peggy Riccio – Donate Used Garden Tools to Support Washington DC Metro Communities – March 6, 2015

(Partner Blog) Help Community Forklift Get Garden Tools, Too! by Alison Gillespie – Where You Are Planted – Making Space for Wildlife in the City – March 5, 2015

(Partner Blog) Community Forklift Garden Party – Beltsville Garden Club – March 2015

Don’t Dump. Donate! – American Society of Interior Designers | WASHINGTON METRO – February 2014

National Green Pages – Green America – 2015

The Community Forklift warehouse has diverted $12 million worth of salvaged building materials from landfills and created 45 good green jobs. – Green America


(Blog) Community Forklift Offers A Family Friendly Alternative On Black Friday by Shani – November 24, 2014

2014 HL&T Holiday Activity Guide (updated 12/12) – Hyattsville Life & Times – November 22, 2014

A straw bale home in Maryland with orphaned doors and windows … – – November 8, 2014

(Blog) How to spend $40 in Hyattsville by Holley Simmons – Washington Post Going Out Guide – October 23, 2014

Since it opened in 2005, Community Forklift has diverted tons of waste from local landfills.— by Holley Simmons, October 23, 2014, Washington Post Going Out Guide

(Blog) Community Forklift by Blake & Jonaki Sloan – fortythirdplace – October 9, 2014

Need Interior Inspiration? Check Out This Mt. Pleasant Home – CURBED – September 30, 2014

How to replace a broken door latch by Jeanne Huber – Washington Post – September 24, 2014

(Blog) Reclaimed Wood Wall Décor by Melissa Riker – The Happier Homemaker – September 23, 2014

Houzz Tour: An Eclectic Ranch Revival in Washington, D.C. by Annie Thornton – houzz – September 14, 2014

Raze, reuse: How a former congressman will build a big green house in Palisades by Michael Neibauer – Washington Business Journal – September 10, 2014

(Blog) Megan and Kevin’s Old Fashioned Red Barn by Katie Briscoe – DIY * DEL * RAY – September 10, 2014

(Blog) Dog Parents Baby Parents by Lori – – September 4, 2014

Holley & Audrey’s All the Pretty Colors House Tour by Nicole Crowder – Apartment Therapy – September 2, 2014

DIY fixes that can improve your block for practically pennies by Rachel Kaufman – Elevation DC – August 26, 2014

Science, Technology and Society Service Day Site – UMD Scholars – August 21, 2014

Riverdale Park artist, nonprofit open “upcycle” business by Alice Popovici – – August 14, 2014

Edmonston’s Community Forklift hosts summer block party by Iman Smith – – July 11, 2014

(Blog) Summer of Life Block Party is this Saturday – July 11, 2014

(Blog) Community Forklift Invites YOU To A Community Block Party & Health Expo! – July 10, 2014

Give your backyard a lift with repurposed goods by Lauren Flynn Kelly – Hyattsville Life & Times – July 9, 2014

(Blog) Sustainably Furnishing a Home (On a Budget!) by Susanna – July 8, 2014

(Blog) Kitchen Sinks No 24 – July 2, 2014

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(Blog) Materials: Deconstruct, reuse and recycle – June 6, 2014

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Community Forklift is no ordinary home improvement center… – by Albert Hallivis – ReMax – May 29, 2014

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(Blog) Local spotlight: Edmonston, Md. has growing Latino population, history of diversity by Karina Shedrofsky – May 10, 2014

(Blog) An English Major Finds his Niche by Catherine Plume – May 7, 2014

(Blog) Little Free Library Coming to Bruce-Monroe Park – May 7, 2014

Better Block will happen Rain or Shine! by neenajoe – Art Lives Here – April 25, 2014

2014 Takoma Park Earth Day Festival Will Celebrate Community Green Solutions – The Washington Sun – April 24, 2014

Better Block Night returns to promote Mount Rainier culture by Kirsty Groff – – April 23, 2014

Teens Build Little Free Libraries for Community Gardens – National Building Museum Press Release – April 21, 2014

Artists, Authors, Music, Food & Wine in Town Center, May 4 by Fenwick Bridges – Riverdale Park Arts Council – April 15, 2014

(Blog) Kitchen Renovation: The Need for Speed by cgyemfi – April 9, 2014

(Blog) Small businesses recognized for contributions to healthy homes by Gary Wollenhaupt – April 7, 2014

(Blog) 10 things we’ve been loving lately – April 7, 2014

(Blog) Barn Door Hardware – March 29, 2014

(Blog) Garden Party with Lemonade Lunch & Costume Contest – March 28, 2014

(Blog) The Weekend Round-Up: March 29-30 – March 28, 2014

How to: Clean a stain around a bathroom room sink drain, or find solid wood exterior doors by Jeanne Huber – The Washington Post – March 26, 2014

(Blog) Ecohouse recognized as a green home innovator by Taylor Rogers – March 24, 2014

People & Planet Award Winners: Green and Healthy Homes – Green America – March 19, 2014

Green Broom Brigade wins online contest – Lompoc Record – March 16, 2014

Serving as his own general contractor, an Arlington man transforms his home by Scott Sowers – The Washington Post – March 13, 2014

(Blog) Join us in Takoma Park for Earth Day 2014 on April 27th! – March 10, 2014

(Blog) Green Building – March 9, 2014

O’Malley Hears From Businesses Supporting Minimum Wage Hike – The Talbot Spy – March 7, 2014

April Showers Bring May Flowers and so will Bethany Karn by Tiffanni Reidy – DomiCile Magazine – March 6, 2014

(Blog) Replacing Moulding for our Petworth Row House – March 6, 2014

(Blog) Life Lately: Wintery and Local Travels – March 6, 2014

(Blog) Creative Life in the gateway Arts District – February 27, 2014

A new life for an old Langdon Park warehouse by Amy Rogers – Elevation DC Media – February 24, 2014

(Blog) Community Forklift Annual Garden Party And Spring Sale Coming Saturday by Shani – February 24, 2014

Life Cycle Assessment Methods for Building Materials Recovery and Reuse – Catholic University – February 22, 2014

More ways to sell, donate, dump or recycle household items by Jura Koncius and Margaret Ely – The Washington Post – February 12, 2014

(Blog) The Recycled Kitchen by Jackie Sink – February 10, 2014

(Blog) Refunc Design Workshop – February 7, 2014

(Blog) West Elm: DIY or Buy? by Katie – February 3, 2014

(Blog) DIY Coat Hook – February 2, 2014

(Blog) Dannielle’s Kickoff Event Speech by Garth Moore – February 1, 2014

Buying the Farmhouse by Buzz McClain – The Baltimore Sun – January 30, 2014

(Blog) Your Next Home Improvement Project—Reduce, Reuse, Recycle by Gayle Fleming – January 26, 2014

(Blog) Thrifty Thursdays: From Old and Cheap to New and Chic – January 23, 2014

(Blog) Petworth Citizen by Kim – January 21, 2014

(Blog) Community Forklift: The DC DIY-er’s Best-Kept Secret by Alia J Khan – January 8, 2014


Homeowners turning to salvage renovation by Deborah K. Dietsch – Washington Post – June 6, 2013

From the salvaged windows and other recycled elements, [Rachel Liu] and her husband built a one-room pavilion in a corner of their backyard. — by Deborah K. Dietsch, June 6, 2013, Washington Post

Community Forklift celebrating half-birthday by Timothy Sandoval – – June 6, 2013

My Style: Non-Profit Pro Cassidy Karakorn Shows Off Her Chic Digs by Holly E. Thomas – Refinery29 – May 28, 2013

Photos of Spring Soiree on Page 12 by Deirdre McQuade – Hyattsville Life & Times – April 2013

In time for spring, the recycled garden by Adrian Higgins – Washington Post – March 20, 2013

Community Forklift to host Spring Soiree by Timothy Sandoval – – February 21, 2013

“Community Forklift sells its goods at very low cost out of a huge warehouse, and also distributes free materials to civic groups and families in need.”

Wanted: Your Unwanted Gardening Tools by Jane Solomon – Forest Hills Connection – February 11, 2013


Community Forklift – A Great, Green Resource For Brookland Area Homeowners And Fixer-Uppers by Shani – The Brookland Bridge – December 30, 2012

Store Spotlight: Community Forklift by Ccbooks – Wit’s End Puppets – December 14, 2012

Burning Thanksgiving calories by building a new garden bed by Steve – Our Old Rowhouse – November 26, 2012

Rachel Kerwin – Washington, DC Artist by RP Thread – R.P. Thread – November 13, 2012

Secondhand Shopping by Christopher Lancette – Maryland Life – October 27, 2012

Adventures at Community Forklift by Emily Penn – Ask for Roses Blog – October 22, 2012

I spied this little beauty [of a chair] on top of a high platform… once she was in my arms I knew I would take her. I asked the price… Yep. $10. — Emily Penn – Ask for Roses Blog – October 22, 2012

Service Day 2012: A First for Many by Graham Bennie – UMD College Park Scholars – September 27, 2012

Life Cycle Assessment Methods for Building Materials’ Recovery and Reuse by Bradley Guy & Benjamin Holsinger – Catholic University of America – September 25, 2012

10 Great Things About Edmonston by Edmonston MD – Edmonston MD Website – September 15, 2012

UM students ‘build community among community’ for annual Service Day by Daniel J. Gross – – August 28, 2012

What’s New at F2F by Micheal – Foreclosure 2 Fabulous – August 13, 2012

sneak peek: victoria reppert by Amy Azzarito – Design Sponge – August 6, 2012

July Green-Biz Interview: Brian Higgins of Green Home, LLC by Andrew – Green America Blog – July 3, 2012

My Renovation Saga: Community Forklift by Mary McCutcheon – Where We Live – Washington Post – May 28, 2012

Riverdale Park ArtsFest 2012 Lands Sunday by the Riverdale Park Arts Council – Riverdale Park-University Park Patch – May 4, 2012

F2F Nip and Tuck by Micheal – Foreclosure 2 Fabulous – May 3, 2012

Planter Cabinets by fourC3/on5 – fourC3/on5 Blog – April 8, 2012

My Demolition Saga: Wrecking and recycling by Mary McCutcheon – Where We Live – Washington Post – April 2, 2012

Almost Ready! by Wangari Gardens – Wangari Gardens Blog – March 14, 2012

Business Spotlight: Community Forklift by Eric Vermeiren – Clean Currents Monthly Newsletter – February 29, 2012

How To Create A Reclaimed Wood Wall by Leah Moss – Apartment Therapy – February 23, 2012

Use Your Investments: Generating Impact and Returns in Washington D.C. by Arabella Advisors – Arabella Advisors – February 17, 2012

Community Forklifting by Jimmy – The Book of Jimmy Blog – February 15, 2012

Scrap Art by fourC3/on5 – fourC3/on5 Blog – February 14, 2012

Community Forklift honored with 2011 Image Award Press Release – February 4, 2012

A visit to the Community Forklift, a good source for vintage appliances, cabinets, doors, and more by Uncle Atom – Uncle Atom Blog – January 29, 2012

Hunting for treasures at the Community Forklift in Edmonston, MD by Andrea Bedard – Activerain Blog – January 27, 2012


Found objects make up Takoma Park artist’s timepieces by Jacqueline Trescott – The Washington Post – November 4, 2011

Female arm wrestlers lend store a hand: Community Forklift expansion efforts aided by grapplers by Daniel J. Gross – The Gazette – November 3, 2011

The Scene: Community Forklift’s call to arms Photo Gallery – The Washington Post – October 28, 2011

Trash Summit sets goal for Potomac to be trash free by 2013 by Karen Rust – The Prince George’s Sentinel – October 27, 2011

Woodlin Elementary of Silver Spring earns big thanks for community service projects by Linda Sobel Katz – – October 26, 2011

Pictures: What’s in Store in College Park/Hyattsville by Sloane Brown – The Baltimore Sun – October 24, 2011

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’ on Saturday with Woodlin PTA by Linda Sobel Katz – – October 18, 2011

Lady arm-wrestlers clash for charity cash by Meredith Somers – The Washington Times – October 16, 2011

Destinations in the Washington area’s ‘cosmopolitan canopy’ Readers Poll – The Washington Post – October 7, 2011

It’s still easy being green by Bill Braun – The Rock Creek Voice – October 4, 2011

How To: Cutting lumber from logs by Jeanne Huber – The Washington Post – September 28, 2011

How To: Replacing a 1950s steel radiator cover by Jeanne Huber – The Washington Post – September 14, 2011

Superior Salvage: Using Vintage Materials in Your Home by Rachel Kaufman – – August 26, 2011

Cover story: Reclaim and recycle while renovating by Lisa Rauschart – The Washington Times – March 10, 2011

Five myths about the suburbs The Washington Post – February 11, 2011


Where to donate items after cleaning out your garage The Washington Post – October 14, 2010

Garage makeover by Jura Koncius – The Washington Post – October 14, 2010

Community Forklift by stevekelton – Steve and Emily’s DC Renovation Blog – October 4, 2010

Dear PoP – Community Forklift Rocks by Prince Of Petworth – Prince Of Petworth Blog – September 28, 2010

Growing to love bath time by Elizabeth McGowan – Waste & Recycling News – September 13, 2010

A Letter from our Recycling Pal Cathy by Cathy – DC Recycler Blog – September 6, 2010

Sleeping Porches: Rest in Peace by Erin McKay – Blog – July 2010

Designs too good to waste: Looking at Cooper-Hewitt’s ‘Why Design Now?’ and more by Blake Gopnik – The Washington Post – June 13, 2010

The 3-minute interview: Nancy J. Meyer by Kytja Weir – Washington Examiner – May 23, 2010

Washington DC’s City Secrets: Community Forklift by Bill Lewis – DC Home Improvement Examiner – March 31, 2010

Dirty Little Secrets by Janene Scelza – The Blah Blah Blahg – March 22, 2010

Saving Money with Salvaged Building Materials by Amanda Abrams – HouseLogic – March 8, 2010

Renovate, reuse, recycle: Discount prices drum up profits, aid environment by Mary Umberger – Inman News – February 3, 2010


Little “green” town holds green gift fair by Tim Wheeler – The Baltimore Sun – December 18, 2009

Materials Intended for Trash Sold in MD News Channel 8 – December 2, 2009

Community Forklift cashes in on unused building materials by Jennifer Nycz-Conner – Washington Business Journal – November 27, 2009

U-Md. students urge College Park to create tax credit for ‘green’ firms by David Hill – The Gazette – November 26, 2009

New Life for Old Building Materials: Organizations say demand is up and supply down for products that can be reused and recycled by Teresa Burney – Builder Magazine Online – November 24, 2009

Entrepreneurs taking a greener tack: County may now offer tax breaks for such businesses by Lindsey Robbins – – June 4, 2009

Green businesses put on the spotlight in Edmonston by Nancy Royden – The Sentinel Newspapers – June 3, 2009

Secondhand Inspiration: Add Personality with Vintage Furnishings by Beth Luberecki – – May 29, 2009

Recycling in Alexandria and Arlington – April 9, 2009

Solid ‘Green’ Credentials Greenwood fifth-graders create cabinet-door collages by Melissa J. Brachfeld – – April 8, 2009

D.C.’s Live Green moves next door by Vandana Sinha – Washington Business Journal – March 6, 2009

Residents, lawmakers envision a ‘greener’ Prince George’s by Liz Skalski – – February 5, 2009


Deconstructing an Old Home Can Give You Building Blocks for a New One by Katherine Salant – – December 13, 2008
Comments by Jim Schulman

Community Forklift is where it’s at Anacostia Now Blog – November 24, 2008

Community learns of environmentally friendly home upgrades by Letita Aaro – – October 2, 2008

YouTube video: Green Jobs Now Day of Action Prince George’s County, MD Speech by Lisa Lincoln – Event sponsored by Progressive Cheverly, Jwanzaa Youth Partnership, MD Senator David Harrington, Greenmodeling, Community Forklift, Mayor Adam Ortiz of Edmonston, and Chesapeake Climate Action Network – September 27, 2008

Tight Quarters: Economy, environmental concerns have many homeowners choosing to stay in smaller homes by Laurie White – – September 10, 2008

Your Junk Is My Treasure by Judith Capen – Capital Community News – September 2008

Financial relief in place for charities: Community Forklift, Port Towns regatta projects funded by Alex Ruoff – – July 10, 2008

Sculpting a green world – Artists’ globes part of Botanic Garden exhibit by Ann Geracimos – The Washington Times – June 11, 2008

Nonprofit Profile: Community Forklift – Lifting Up Communities by Heather Schoell – Hill Rag – June 2008

Realtor Profile – James T. Lisowski by Heather Schoell – Hill Rag – June 2008
In with the Old by Margaret Tearman – Bay Weekly – April 3-9, 2008

Recycling Furniture and Building Supplies Benefits Environment and Budgets Page 13 – Non-Profit Agenda – March/April 2008

Guest Blog: Reuse it or lose it by Jim Schulman – Flow of the River – April 3, 2008

AT DC: Community Forklift – Salvage and Donations by Caroline – Apartment Therapy – April 1, 2008

Year-Round Santas: Customers’ Trash is Hauler’s Treasure by Elizabeth McGowan – HillRag – March 2008

Clearing out for a Cause: Too Many Old Computers, Cribs, Bikes and Books? Plenty of Folks Could Use Them by Annie Groer – The Washington Post – January 3, 2008


Savings in store with reused materials by Allan Lengel – Chicago Tribune – October 4, 2007

Greenest of the Green: Energy-Efficiency Guides Mount Pleasant Remodelers by Elizabeth McGowan – DC North – September 2007

Mixed Green…Sustainable business has local roots by Ann Christy Dybvik – The Dunn County News – September 2, 2007

Score Used Floors or Doors by Allan Lengel – express – August 31-Sept 3, 2007

Once More, With Savings: Homeowners increasingly are selecting used building materials to make projects look better, cost less and save resources by Allan Lengel – The Washington Post – August 4, 2007

Heart of The Community The Examiner – June 25, 2007

Green Houses: Here are tips for how to make your home more ecofriendly—and save money by Michael Tardif – Washingtonian – May 2007

Don’t Demolish and Dispose; Deconstruct and Donate: Save Money on Your Home Renovation As You Help the Environment by Alan Dessoff – Architecture DC Spring 2007

Tip of the Month Audubon Naturalist Society Newsletter – January 2007


A Roof That’ll Grow on You: Why My Husband and I Decided to Go Green When We Added a Front Porch by Nancy Strinste (Frequent Community Forklift customer!) – The Washington Post – November 19, 2006

Buying on the Cheap: Inexpensive tricks can turn boring space into lively place by Christian Toto – The Washington Times – November 1, 2006

When a Yard Sale Won’t Work, Call a Pro by John Kelly – The Washington Post – October 23, 2006

Online Discussion Online Reviews by Customers – October to the present

Architect’s Business Promotes Use of Reclaimed Building Materials by Tracy Ostroff – AIArchitect – September 22, 2006

Where Should I Spend My Remodeling Dollars? Ask the Editor – – September 2006

Varied Treasures: The Old, the Odd and Other Stuff Worth Saving by Jonathan M. Block – The Washington Post – July 13, 2006

Green ventures: Area Jews build businesses with earth in mind by Paula Amann – Washington Jewish Week – June 28, 2006

Salvaging One Man’s Junk: Green- (and budget-) friendly house supplies make ‘reuse’ easy by Ann Geracimos – The Washington Times – June 14, 2006

Community Forklift plans to recruit volunteers by Jeffrey K. Lyles – The Gazette (Hyattsville/Port Towns) – March 30, 2006

Forklift project promotes home improvement: Low-income resident can have access to affordable materials by Jeffrey K. Lyles – Gazette Community News – January 19, 2006

Firm turns trash into treasure: Old materials aid D.C. community by Mike Rupert – The Examiner – January 6, 2006

New Salvage Store Offers Bargains on Building Materials by Steve Clements – Hyattsville Life & Times – January 2006


Keeping national assets out of the landfill by Jim Schulman – CitNet News – Summer 2005


Architect has plans for contractors’ surplus materials by Sean Madigan – Washington Business Journal – June 13, 2003

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