Our Inventory

Community Forklift is a huge self-serve reuse warehouse.  We carry building materials from every era, as well as modern and vintage tools, hardware, lumber, architectural salvage and some furniture.  We also offer a number of items online in our Ebay and Etsy stores.

We receive thousands of items every week, and the materials fly out the door just as quickly!  We do not keep an inventory list, so you will need to visit in-person to see if a specific item is in stock.

If you have not been here recently, please check out our Store Policies & Info page to know what to expect, what to wear, and what to bring.

Below are examples of materials you might find here.

 (photo by Steele Britton)

(photo & vintage telephone photo by Steele Britton)


Vintage Items, Architectural Salvage & Antiques

Vintage PhoneCommunity Forklift is fortunate to receive a wide variety of vintage and antique furniture, building materials and architectural salvage.

For example, we receive treasures like:

  • Wainscoting from the late 1800’s, reclaimed flooring, and true dimensional lumber,
  • Old windows with wavy glass as well as interior and exterior shutters
  • A vast assortment of vintage and antique solid wood doors, including interior, pocket and exterior doors,
  • Old hand tools, and vintage, antique and mid-century retro door and cabinet hardware,
  • Enameled cast iron sinks and clawfoot tubs
  • Mid-century retro bathroom fixtures in Mamie pink, blue, beige, gray, green, and harvest gold. If you need to replace damaged tiles, there is a good chance we can help you. We also receive soap dishes, and cup, toothbrush and toilet paper holders in all the vintage colors!
  • We have lighting fixtures from 1900 through the present including mid-century fixtures. We occasionally have replacement parts as well.
  • We receive antique and vintage kitchen ranges, refrigerators and metal cabinet sets
  • A steady stream of antique, vintage, and mid-century retro furnishings, including tables, chairs, dressers, china cabinets, buffets, wrought iron tables and chairs.

We’re a great resource for just about anything you need to repair, restore or furnish your older period home!


Modern & Gently-Used Building Materials

Our inventory changes by the hour, but we often have items in the following categories: